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Mr.  Terry  Hall
Choral Director
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Assignments - Guitar (High School)(Archived)
Guitar Ensemble
Due Date: 9/21/2018
Subject: Guitar (High School)

Hey Guitar Ensemble,


We will learn and play the strings in first position and read music from the books."

This week we will be practicing reading and playing the first and second strings and playing the first position warm up while naming the notes.

Guitar I students - Theory worksheets are past due

Rehearse and prepare "All Together Now," "River Sunset," and other ensemble sheet music.

Students will learn and play G chords. 

Level II students will play all warmups, G, D, A, E, and am chords. 

Each student needs a three ring binder, pencil, and a few sheets of notebook paper.



You may contact Mr. Hall at 276-963-2216 or at 276-963-5370 ext 7.



Please be sure to have your notebook.folder and a pencil to take notes...every day.