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Mr.  Terry  Hall
Choral Director
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Chorus 8
Due Date: 3/29/2019
Subject: Chorus 8

RMS Eighth Grade Choir 




 Hey Eighth Grade Choir. 


Everyone is expected to participate completely and sing with the group. Each student should exhibit good posture, and full participation. No Gum while we are singing - it's dangerous. 


Each student needs a folder, a pencil, and a few sheets of notebook paper for class. We will wear black pants and white shirts for our concerts this year.


We will be singing vocal warm ups, learning  how singers breathe, and why posture is important for singers. 





 We are rehearsing "I Am But a Small Voice,"  "Blow Out the Trumpet," "Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-little,"  "Old King Cole," "As Long as I Have Music," "Sherry," "Don't Hang Up," and"Highlights from Grease."


You may contact Mr. Hall at 276-963-2216 or at 276-963-5370 X7




IN THIS UNIT Students will identify, define and demonstrate:




Singing alone and in groups


Vocal Range


Work on singing choral diction


Tall, round sound, mature sound

Work on male head register and passagio


Dynamic Contrast


Daily warm-up:


Clapping correct rhythms in echo

Singing Do-Sol in solfeg with Curwen hand signs

Singing Scales and Vocaeze w/ or w/o solfeg and/or Curwen hand signs.




You may contact Mr. Hall at 276-963-2216 or 276-963-5370 ext. 7