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Other Class Info

Classwork Grading  

Classwork grades will be entered into the grade sheet but will not be averaged individually into the grade. At the end of the six weeks all classwork grades will be averaged together to create one overall classwork grade for the six weeks.

Textbook Access  


Students may access the literature textbook by going to the following site:

Their username is: FirstnameLastnamerms

The password is:  english678

At this site, they may read and listen to the story, review the vocabulary words, and practice the reading skill.




Textbook and Materials Information  

This year for English 7 we will not be issuing textbooks. If a student does not complete an assignment in class, he or she may bring a book home in order to complete the work. Students may request to "borrow" or use a book for extra reading or practice if they would like.

The materials that will be needed for class include:

three ring binder, paper, pencil, single subject notebook, and tab dividers. If students would want to bring highlighters, colored pencils, or post it notes it would be appreciated as we will be using these items as we create study guides and note sheets throughout the year.