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Sallie  F  Bowen
Physical Education 6,7,8
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Physical Fitness Log March 17- Student return to school  

Students please use this list of exercises to complete daily while we are closed from school.


1.  Arm stretch-left hand on right arm...ready begin..(4) times 1-10 switch to other arm

2. Jumping jacks-Count to 10

3.  Leg stretch-Bend over touch toes..ready begin..(4) times

4.  Situps-10 situps lay on floor..knees up

5.  Push-ups-Get in ready position...Ready..down..come up..count to 10

6.  Box stretch-Sit down touch toes (sit and reach) 4 times count to 10

7.  Run in place-time for 1 minute running in place

8.  Exercise of your choice