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Sabrina Holmes, Principal

Jennifer McGee, Assistant Principal

294 Learning Lane Richlands, VA 24641   (276) 963-5370


Richlands Middle School

Richlands Middle School

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published by the Virginia Department of Education

Information on Tazewell County School Year 2019-20

8th Grade Reading Packet

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Teacher Webpages

  Chris Altizer
  Katlyn Arms Smith
  Brennan Arney
  Sallie Bowen
  Tammy Brown
  Aaron Buchanan
  Elisha Clark
  James Cochran
  Randall Compton
  Cindy Davis
   Michael Davis
   Ronnie Davis
   Nathan Dotson  
   Tamitha Durham
   Alisha England
   Evan Ferrell
   Terry Hall
   Jennifer Hess
   Melissa Honaker
   Edward Hughes
   Virginia Justus
   Kim Lawson
   Victor Lawson
   Kristin Lowe
   Jeff Maggard
   Melissa Mullins
   Teresa Newberry
   Amanda O'Quinn
   Chandler Phipps
   Matthew Quesenberry
   Teresa Reynolds
   Elizabeth Smith
   Marsha Sparks
   Valerie Stanton
   Christina Taylor
   Christina (Eads) Taylor
   Karen Ward
   Rebecca Young












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