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"The mission of Richlands Middle School is to develop and implement an extraordinary educational program which can transform lives and impact communities. We are committed to providing a challenging and stimulating environment wherein students can and will achieve their fullest potential as they become responsible, motivated, and successful citizens."
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About Us

Richlands Middle School is a public school that seeks to bring out the best in each student. RMS offers core classes, Spanish, Technology Education, Keyboarding, Art, Band, Choir, and Independent Living in grades 6-8th. Richlands Middle School is located in Richlands VA, which has a population of 5,583 people. Richlands Middle School has 576 students, 305 boys, 271 girls. Richlands Middle School offers a values-based education with an emphasis on respect, appreciation, and tolerance and the promotion of a life-long love of learning.  We offer a challenging and engaging curriculum and access to the latest technology with six full computer labs, a fully equipped library, and smart boards in all core curriculum classrooms. We offer many extracurricular activities including music, band, football, volleyball, cheerleading, and boys’ and girls’ basketball and track.


****The last day of school will be June 3, early dismissal. 
      In keeping with our policy of informing you about actual and potential health issues, we wanted to provide you with some information about influenza. We are seeing sporadic cases of influenza in the area. Influenza is a respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. Influenza is very contagious.  Symptoms include a high fever, usually above 102 degrees Fahrenheit for 3-4 days, cough can be severe, headache can be severe, body and muscles aches that can be severe, and sometimes you will have nausea/vomiting/runny nose/sore throat/ sneezing. To prevent influenza you should get the influenza vaccine every year, wash hands frequently or use hand sanitizer, keep hands away from face, do not share food/drinks or kiss someone who is sick, cough into a tissue or into your elbow. Child should remain at home until 24 hours after the fever has gone or until released by the health care provider.  Students with symptoms of influenza should be picked up from school as soon as possible. If you need more information, please see the nurse.
                                                                                                ***Virginia Department of Education Division Report Card

All sports schedules of RMS and RHS are located at the following URL:
       **For information about flu and sickness, click on Forms.


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Congrats to Noah Spencer



Traveling Vietnam Memorial

Mr. Ronnie Davis' classes remembers 9/11 by collecting food for the local food pantry.